Painting cloudscapes and skies inspires me greatly. It is the play of light that is casted not only upon these gentle giants, but more importantly the light within the veils of neutral colors.

I recall snapping a quick photo of this cloud formation on a drive down the Oregon coast with my wife. It wasn’t until much later that I saw the opportunity to paint this amazing cloud. Two aspects of this cloud grabbed my attention – so intensly that I knew I had to paint it. The light in the lower left glowing within, and the exquisite negative space as the main cloud begins to drift apart.

As an artist, I never try to capture exactly what I see. My camera can take care of that. It is the creative process where I follow my instincts in choosing color, gradations, and form. In my opinion, the true magic and inspiration in painting comes from intuition and being in the moment with your preferred art medium.

Thank you for reading.


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